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19535: Add --enable-cap
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@@ -359,20 +359,32 @@ correct handling of these types.
None of this is relevant for 64-bit systems; zsh should compile and run
without problems if (sizeof(long) == 8).
-Searching for `pcre'
+Searching for additional features
+Various additional features are turned off by default to avoid
+compatibility problems.
Zsh has a module which allows the pcre regular expression library to be
used via shell builtins. Compiling this library into the shell with
dynamic loading (the default where available) produces a dependency on the
library This is a problem on systems where zsh needs to be
-available at boot before the directory containing (for
-example /usr/lib or /usr/local/lib) is mounted. For this reason,
-pcre support will only be searched for if the option --enable-pcre
-is passed to configure.
+available at boot before the directory containing (for example
+/usr/lib or /usr/local/lib) is mounted. For this reason, pcre support will
+only be searched for if the option --enable-pcre is passed to configure.
(Future versions of the shell may have a better fix for this problem.)
+This searches for POSIX capabilities; if found, the `cap' library
+is available and the shell will use these to determine if the
+shell is running in some privileged mode. This is turned off by
+default as on some systems non-standard headers (in particular AIX) are
+required. A direct fix for that problem would be appreciated.
Options For Configure