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@@ -266,7 +266,11 @@ Multibyte Character Support
Support for multibyte character sets that extend ASCII, such as UTF-8, is
under development but the code in the line editor is sufficiently stable to
be turned on by default in environments that provide full ISO 10646 support
-including the preprocessor definition __STDC_ISO_10646__.
+including the preprocessor definition __STDC_ISO_10646__. In principle
+this definition does not guarantee the full environment, but in practice
+systems with this defined also provide suitable library support. The shell
+does not probe for all the features, so on other systems use of multibyte
+support must be explicitly enabled when it is available.
The support can be explicitly enabled or disable with --enable-multibyte or
--disable-multibyte. Reports of systems where multibyte support was not