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@@ -856,13 +856,3 @@ The following parameters are currently used:
distribution, but that need to be present in the CVS tree. This
variable is not used by the zsh build process and is present for
the convenience of external checks.
-Version Suffixes
-The configure script reads the version number from Config/
-If the environment variable ZSH_VERSIONSUFFIX is set, the string
-contained therein will be appended to the version string. For example,
-if Config/ contains "VERSION=4.3.4-dev-7" and
-ZSH_VERSIONSUFFIX is set to "-ca", $ZSH_VERSION in the shell built from
-that run will equal "4.3.4-dev-7-ca". Caution is recommended when
-using this feature, as is-at-least may misunderstand your conventions.