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Turn off repeat and turn on ulimit in emulation modes
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@@ -198,12 +198,16 @@ following shell variables:
- nozshdep non-empty indicates no dependence on the `zsh/main'
- alwayslink if non-empty, always link the module into the executable
- - autobins builtins defined by the module, for autoloading
- - autoinfixconds infix condition codes defined by the module, for
- autoloading (without the leading `-')
- - autoprefixconds like autoinfixconds, but for prefix condition codes
- - autoparams parameters defined by the module, for autoloading
- - automathfuncs math functions defined by the module, for autoloading
+ - autofeatures features defined by the module for autoloading,
+ a space-separated list. The syntax for features is as
+ for zmodload -F, e.g. b:mybin refers to the builtin
+ mybin. This replaces the previous mechanism with
+ separate variables for builtins, conditions, math
+ functions and parameters. Note the features are only
+ available in zsh's native mode, not in emulation modes.
+ - autofeatures_emu As autofeatures, but the features so presented are
+ available in modes that are *not* zsh's native mode.
+ The variable autofeatures must also be present.
- objects .o files making up this module (*must* be defined)
- proto .syms files for this module (default generated from $objects)
- headers extra headers for this module (default none)