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sect(What's the latest version?)
Zsh 4.2.7 is the latest production version. The latest development
- version is 4.3.10; this contains support for multibyte character strings
+ version is 4.3.11; this contains support for multibyte character strings
(such as UTF-8 locales). All the main features for multibyte
- support are now in place, although there is some debugging work
- still to be done.
+ support are now in place and this is likely soon to become the
+ stable series 4.4.
- There will not be any further 4.0 releases now that 4.2 has become
- the stable version.
+ There will not be any further 4.2 releases.
A beta of the next version is sometimes available. Development of zsh is
patch by patch, with each intermediate version publicly available. Note