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unposted: contrib.yo: Fix typo "paramter" to. Caught by debian's lintian.
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+2011-07-03 Frank Terbeck <[email protected]>
+ * unposted: Doc/Zsh/contrib.yo: Fix typo "paramter" to. Caught by
+ debian's lintian.
2011-07-01 Peter Stephenson <[email protected]>
* 29530: Src/subst.c, Test/E01options.ztst: ${..?..} shouldn't
@@ -15087,5 +15092,5 @@
* This is used by the shell to define $ZSH_PATCHLEVEL
-* $Revision: 1.5391 $
+* $Revision: 1.5392 $
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@@ -2356,7 +2356,7 @@ This is similar to read-from-minibuffer in that it may be called as a
function from a widget or as a widget of its own, and interactively reads
input from the keyboard. However, the input being typed is concealed and
a string of asterisks (`tt(*)') is shown instead. The value is saved in
-the paramter tt($INVISIBLE) to which a reference is inserted into the
+the parameter tt($INVISIBLE) to which a reference is inserted into the
editing buffer at the restored cursor position. If the read was aborted
by a keyboard break (typically tt(^G)) or another escape from editing such
as tt(push-line), tt($INVISIBLE) is set to empty and the original buffer