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committer tcunha <tcunha>2009-07-20 15:42:05 (GMT)
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Sync OpenBSD patchset 142:
Each window now has a tree of layout cells associated with it. In this tree, each node is either a horizontal or vertical cell containing a list of other cells running from left-to-right or top-to-bottom, or a leaf cell which is associated with a pane. The major functional changes are: - panes may now be split arbitrarily both horizontally (splitw -h, C-b %) and vertically (splitw -v, C-b "); - panes may be resized both horizontally and vertically (resizep -L/-R/-U/-D, bound to C-b left/right/up/down and C-b M-left/right/up/down); - layouts are now applied and then may be modified by resizing or splitting panes, rather than being fixed and reapplied when the window is resized or panes are added; - manual-vertical layout is no longer necessary, and active-only layout is gone (but may return in future); - the main-pane layouts now reduce the size of the main pane to fit all panes if possible. Thanks to all who tested.
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1 files changed, 2 insertions, 2 deletions
diff --git a/cmd-choose-window.c b/cmd-choose-window.c
index 6836ccc..6ae2c92 100644
--- a/cmd-choose-window.c
+++ b/cmd-choose-window.c
@@ -76,8 +76,8 @@ cmd_choose_window_exec(struct cmd *self, struct cmd_ctx *ctx)
- wm->idx, "%3d: %s [%ux%u %s] (%u panes)", wm->idx, w->name,
- w->sx, w->sy, layout_name(w), window_count_panes(w));
+ wm->idx, "%3d: %s [%ux%u] (%u panes)",
+ wm->idx, w->name, w->sx, w->sy, window_count_panes(w));
cdata = xmalloc(sizeof *cdata);