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* Strip trailing '\n' from error_report()'s first argumentMarkus Armbruster2011-06-241-1/+1
* net: Warn about "-net nic" options which were ignoredPeter Maydell2011-06-221-0/+15
* net: Don't warn about the default network setupPeter Maydell2011-06-221-0/+12
* Revert "net: Improve the warnings for dubious command line option combinations"Peter Maydell2011-06-221-31/+0
* Remove unused sysemu.h include directivesBlue Swirl2011-04-151-1/+0
* net: Improve the warnings for dubious command line option combinationsPeter Maydell2011-04-011-0/+31
* Fix net_check_clients warnings: make it per vlan.Tristan Gingold2011-04-011-1/+2
* net: Add the missing option declaration of "vhostforce"Jason Wang2011-03-061-1/+5
* net: remove parse_host_src_port() functionJuan Quintela2011-03-061-41/+0
* net: Use iov helper functionsBenjamin Poirier2011-03-061-22/+6
* net: fix qemu_can_send_packet logicVincent Palatin2011-03-051-3/+3
* net: notify peer about link status changeMichael S. Tsirkin2011-02-201-0/+11
* net/sock: option to specify local addressMike Ryan2010-12-091-0/+4
* net: properly handle illegal fd/vhostfd from command lineJason Wang2010-10-271-5/+11
* net: delay freeing peer host deviceMichael S. Tsirkin2010-10-061-7/+42
* QemuOpts: make most qemu_*_opts staticGerd Hoffmann2010-08-221-7/+9
* net: delete QemuOpts when net_client_init() fails.Yoshiaki Tamura2010-07-011-0/+4
* net: Fix VM start with '-net none'Amit Shah2010-06-301-1/+1
* Make netdev_del delete the netdev even when it's in useMarkus Armbruster2010-06-141-4/+0
* Merge remote branch 'mst/for_anthony' into stagingAnthony Liguori2010-06-101-2/+5
| * net: Fix hotplug with pci_addAmit Shah2010-06-091-2/+5
* | Monitor: Drop QMP documentation from codeLuiz Capitulino2010-06-011-22/+0
* monitor: Convert do_set_link() to QObject, QErrorMarkus Armbruster2010-04-181-3/+4
* monitor: Use argument type 'b' for set_linkMarkus Armbruster2010-04-181-8/+2
* monitor: New commands netdev_add, netdev_delMarkus Armbruster2010-04-181-0/+55
* error: Convert net_client_init() to QErrorMarkus Armbruster2010-04-181-20/+18
* error: Drop extra messages after qemu_opts_set() and qemu_opts_parse()Markus Armbruster2010-04-181-2/+0
* net: remove broken net_set_boot_mask() boot device validationEduardo Habkost2010-04-101-19/+0
* net: remove NICInfo.bootable fieldEduardo Habkost2010-04-101-1/+0
* tap: add vhost/vhostfd optionsMichael S. Tsirkin2010-04-011-0/+8
* qemu-option: Move the implied first name into QemuOptsListMarkus Armbruster2010-03-161-2/+2
* error: Replace qemu_error() by error_report()Markus Armbruster2010-03-161-14/+14
* qdev: Catch attempt to attach more than one device to a netdevMarkus Armbruster2010-03-091-0/+1
* qdev: Add a DEV_NVECTORS_UNSPECIFIED enum for unspecified nr of MSI vectorsAmit Shah2010-03-081-2/+4
* Allow const QemuOptDescBlue Swirl2010-02-211-1/+1
* Fix warning on OpenBSDBlue Swirl2010-02-201-1/+1
* net: Monitor command set_link finds only VLAN clients, fixMarkus Armbruster2010-02-191-0/+1
* net: info network shows only VLAN clients, fixMarkus Armbruster2010-02-191-2/+9
* net: net_check_clients() checks only VLAN clients, fixMarkus Armbruster2010-02-191-0/+7
* net: Fix bogus "Warning: vlan 0 with no nics" with -deviceMarkus Armbruster2010-02-191-7/+18
* net: net_check_clients() runs too early to see -device, fixMarkus Armbruster2010-02-191-3/+1
* net: Remove unused net_client_uninit()Markus Armbruster2010-02-191-14/+0
* don't dereference NULL after failed strdupJim Meyering2010-02-101-1/+1
* default devices: networkGerd Hoffmann2009-12-121-1/+4
* net: print correct error for '-netdev ""'Mark McLoughlin2009-12-031-5/+11
* net: add qemu_foreach_nic()Mark McLoughlin2009-12-031-0/+20
* net: remove VLANClientState members now in NetClientInfoMark McLoughlin2009-12-031-25/+20
* net: remove qemu_new_vlan_client()Mark McLoughlin2009-12-031-44/+0
* net: move parse_macaddr() to net/util.[ch]Mark McLoughlin2009-12-031-33/+2
* net: introduce NICState and qemu_new_nic()Mark McLoughlin2009-12-031-0/+21